Local Wildcard WeekendsWhat is the highly visual and graphic Wildcard Weekends website all about? We’re glad you asked!

Created, owned and managed by Boulevard Supply LLC, Wildcard Weekends is primarily a visual directory. Yes, there is text but it’s the graphic content that attracts your attention and draws you in to your next adventure to explore online and possibly visit in person.

The main intention was for locals of a metropolitan area to find deals, discounts and special offers in their area. Then we decided, why limit ourselves, flipping cards is fun so we expanded in our Wildcard Draw and Joker categories to a whole variety of graphic links to explore. And by “graphic”, we mean a visual image. Not an explicit image.

On the commercial side of Wildcard Weekends, savvy business owners and advertisers will realize the benefits of each ad spot. (Also referred to as cells)
Once an ad spot, or cell, is leased, that space is theirs for one year and they have the option of renewing before that space goes back onto the market as available.

Getting in early and securing your ad spot has its benefits. Once you lease an ad spot or cell, you are locked in at that lease rate for a maximum of 3 years. As ad spots sell out in a specific city or category, the value of each cell in that category increases.